Jim Collins and his dog Jess receiving Cold Laser Treatment
Cold laser therapy is here to make your pet´s life better. Cold laser treatment is a low-level laser therapy to treat conditions and injuries in dogs and other animals.

Dr Ilona Musil of CareVets in Johnsonville explains that they are the only practice in Wellington to have one of the cold laser machines at present, and have had many dogs coming in for the simple treatment including Jess.

“Jess is a girl about town”, explains Dr Musil about the collie, blue heeler cross.

Jim Collins and his dog Jess have tried the treatment and can vouch for the results. Jim explained that Jess had episodes where she couldn´t even stand and had arthritis in every joint in her body. Over her 13 and a half years Jess has had a few knocks, has got caught in rabbit holes, she´s even torn ligaments so she´s the perfect candidate for the laser treatment.

Jim has had Jess since she was a nine-week-old puppy, so when she displaced joints in her legs and couldn´t even stand Jim decided to try the treatment.

Now three sessions on Jess is recovering, has regained strength and is well able to walk again. “She got that bounce back in her step”, says Jim. “She´s not in pain, there´s freedom in her walking, it´s a big improvement”, he adds.

Cold laser is used to treat a multitude of ailments and injuries and is also beneficial to animals recovering from surgery.

Treatable ailments include joint injuries, bone fractures, posttrauma, arthritis, musculoskeletal diseases or nerve injury.

During the treatment, a “laser is applied directly to the surface of the skin or it can be held just above the skin surface if direct contact is too painful for the dog”. The treatment can be administered without discomfort or restraint.

The treatment results in alleviating pain and reducing inflammation allowing pets to regain mobility, activity and increasing the range of motion in joints.

Dr Musil says, “People tend to be a little hesitant”, about the treatment, but she suggests trying three sessions of laser to see if there is any improvement. A full six sessions are recommended.

When you see dogs like Jess who are at ease, relaxed and pain-free it´s clear to see it´s working. No more “ruff” days for Jess and many more pets in the Johnsonville area.


Story: Fiona Donnellan
Photo: Emma Morgan