Elspeth Malloch

Hi I’m Elspeth,

I gained my vet nursing qualification at Unitec and started working at the Parnell clinic in 2005.
I live with my husband, our 2 children, our tabby cat “George”and Hungarian vizsla “Holly”.

Since the pets in my family are very important family members, I understand how important the care of your pet is to you.  Also being a mum I understand how busy it can be juggling the pets and the children.

I enjoy taking time to get to know our clients to be able to give advise relevant to you and your pet.

Anna Wollner

Anna qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2015 from Otago Polytechnic and has worked in small animal practice in and around the Wellington area since.
Anna joined the Care Vets Johnsonville team in April 2016 and particularly enjoys interacting with our clients and their pets. She has a keen interest in canine behaviour and clinical nutrition and is always keen to learn more so she can offer advice to our clients.
In her spare time, Anna likes to spend time at the gym and can often be found out and about with her two dogs, Machete and Inca.

Hannah Marchal

My name is Hannah, I have been working as a vet nurse for CareVets Takanini since early February 2017.
I graduated with my Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in December last year. I moved up to Takanini all the way from sunny old Napier as I couldn’t find my dream job there.
Since being in Auckland I have found a sense of belonging and look forward to my future with the CareVets team.

I have always had a passion for animals even before I could talk! I have four fur babies back in Napier.
I also have a young horse called Pringle who is as enthusiastic as me and always keeps me on my toes!

In my spare time I enjoy a crafty project, especially on those rainy days when I can’t ride my horse.

Dr Jennifer Seah BVSc

Hi my name is Dr. Jennifer Marie Seah, I studied and graduated for my Vet degree at Massey University as an international student from Singapore and was part of the 50th Anniversary Graduating Class.

I spent the next two years practicing in Singapore and spending time with my family, especially with the senior animal members of the household with whom I had grown up with. I have a soft spot for “mutts” and strays especially because I have found them to make great companions with awesome quirks. In managing my “senior citizens” at home, I have found a passion for using a holistic approach (animal-owner-family as a unit) with multi-modal therapies to animal care in order to allow for the best levels of welfare and quality of life.

I have a substitute pet in NZ- my 93 Prelude which allows me to chase sunsets to the shores of beautiful beaches here.

Rhiannon Prasad

Bula! My name is Rhi and I’m the Clinic Manager and Administrator for CareVets Takanini.
Being with CareVets for several years now has been a very rewarding experience and has opened my eyes to the fantastic world of animal care.

Starting with a bit of a vet nurse background, I decided to pursue Administration/Management half way through working at CareVets and enjoy the fast pace learning.

In my spare time I coach/play competitive football.

The photo above is my ‘Handsome Samson’ and I!

Dr Pippa Johnston BVSc

Dr Pippa Johnston graduated from Massey University in 2013 and has been working as a small animal veterinarian since.
Pippa and her partner Mike live with Zoe the labrador, and Juno (pictured) the rescue dog. 

Dr Nicole Hunwick BVSc

Hi, I’m Nicole. I graduated from Massey University at the end of 2015. In 2016 I worked in Australia and then decided to come back home to New Zealand in early 2017 and have been working for CareVets Mt Wellington since then.

My passion is medicine and consultations to ensure that all pets are happy, healthy and living the best quality of life they can. I hope to gain more experience in diagnostic ultrasound in the future.

Outside of vet life I love being outdoors, travelling, dancing and of course a good coffee!

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  • ACTIVITY — Naps have become more appealing than playing or exploring
  • INTERACTIONS — Your pet doesn’t socialize with you as much as before
  • LOSS OF CONTROL — Your pet is well-trained, but has started having accidents
  • SLEEP-WAKE CYCLE — Sleeping patterns have changed, with more awake time during the night


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Caitlin Tootill

Hello my name is Caitlin.  I have moved down from Palmerston North to join the CareVets team at the Wainuiomata clinic.
I graduated with my Diploma in Vet Nursing in 2016 at UCOL Palmerston North and am looking forward to gaining new skills and meeting all the clients in Wainuiomata.
 I am interested in all animals, small and large. I have a Stationbred/Arab sport horse called Jedi who I ride in my spare time.

Louise Sadler

I have been at the Te Atatu Clinic for a long time and have seen a lot of changes in that time.
I enjoy helping clients with their pets and assisting our busy vets.
Like many vet nurses, of course, waifs and strays do tend to follow me home and currently both our cats are courtesy of work!
Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and cooking.

Angela Harrison

Hi, I am Angela one of the newer nurses to start at Care Vets.
I am married with 2 children, Cassey and Anton. We have four cats and the latest addition to our family is Austin, a Shih Tzu Maltese cross.  All my pets have come from different vet clinics I have worked at and needed saving for different reasons.
Outside of work I enjoy planning holidays, gardening, kayaking and rugby league.

Tama Falconer

Hi my name is Tama.  
I am one of the friendly support staff here at CareVets Rototuna.

Rachel Judd

Hi, I’m Rachel, I have worked at CareVets since 2013.
I have a diploma in vet nursing and a certificate in retail merchandising.
I have 2 school aged children, lots of guinea pigs and an elderly cat called Charlie.

Karen Jenions

Hi, my name is Karen.
I moved to New Zealand from England in 2000. I graduated from Wintec with a diploma in vet nursing in 2014 and started working at CareVets in September the same year.

I have 2 cats, a parakeet and some quails.

Virginia Foxall

Hello I am Virginia, I started with CareVets in the Rototuna branch as head surgical nurse in October 2016.

Previously I had worked in a busy South Auckland clinic.  I love my role as a vet nurse as every day is different and I can’t think of a more rewarding job than this. I received my Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 2014 and have been fortunate enough to pursue my career as a vet nurse.

Kayla Cassells

Hello my name is Kayla. I started working at CareVets in March 2016.  I am currently completing my diploma in veterinary nursing.
I have two cats at home, my pride and joys, Koda (a grey Persian x ragdoll) and Niklaus (my polydactyl, aka extra toes).

Dr Katrina Crowe BVSc

Hi I’m Katrina, I graduated from Massey University, Palmerston North, with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2005.  From there I worked in a small animal practice in Auckland, followed by a 2 year stint in the South Island as a companion animal veterinarian within a large mixed animal practice.  Then in August 2007 I joined the CareVets Hamilton team. 
My special interests include canine and feline soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery and canine behaviour.  In my spare time I can be found training and competing in dog agility and sheep dog trialling.  I live on 2.5 acres with my partner Matt, our 6 dogs (3 NZ Heading Dogs, 2 Border Collies, and a Foxie X Jack Russell Terrier, plus a few sheep, a couple of cows and some chickens.  

Shirley Running

I have been a vet nurse for over 20 years.  More recently I have stepped into the Head Receptionist role to work with the team at CareVets Hamilton South. 
I love meeting pets and their families, it has been my passion for many years, striving to give excellent customer service. 
I own a miniature poodle(Snowy) and a moggy cat (Sabrina)
In my spare time I play golf and do volunteer work for St John Ambulance.

Jen Fraser

Originally from the Manawatu where I trained and worked as a veterinary nurse, I moved with my partner and children in 2014 for summer skies and the laid back Hawkes Bay lifestyle.
I enjoy spending time at the beach, whether it is surfing, swimming or walking my dog Kali.”

Carina Viljoens

I Graduated from EIT Hawkes Bay in 2016 with a New Zealand Certificate in Animal Technology (Veterinary Assistant). 
I enjoy working with people and animals which makes my receptionist/veterinary nurse position perfect.  I will be furthering my career by studying part time with Otago Polytech to attain a diploma in Vet Nursing while working. 
I walk my little dog Donny during my free time and we love getting outdoors and enjoying the lovely Hawkes Bay.”

Donna Annett-Bright

Donna is our locum nurse and has been with us for many years.
Donna can be spotted out walking her Great Dane Odin, trekking through the forest with her horses or playing with her two kittens.

Lauren de Vincentis

Lauren, a French native, trained at Wanganui Veterinary Services VetCare Nurse training in 2015, and has been with us since December 2015.
Lauren, a fitness fanatic, is enjoying the Kapiti coast with her horse “Mindy”, and is loving taking great care of all our patients and clients.

Natalie Lawrence

Natalie qualified through Otago Polytechnic and she has been with us since July 2014 when she was still training with us as a student.
She has a very keen interest in pocket pets, sharing her home with many small critters.  

Dr Juliette Frost BVSc

Juliette trained at Massey University and graduated in 2008.
With a passion for small animal medicine and surgery, Juliette loves being in general practice and enjoys looking after her patients and clients alike.
Juliette spends her time on the Kapiti Coast tramping, running and playing with her dog Daisy and her cat Stumpy.

Laura Dickson BSc(Hons)RVN A1 Dip(HE)CVN DipAVN (Small Animal)


Laura graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2006.
After working in a small animal hospital offering first opinion and multi-disciplinary referral services for three and a half years, she spent four years working in a specialist referral hospital in Glasgow where she completed her RCVS accredited Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Small Animal). She then worked at the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital as a specialist Veterinary Nurse within the Internal Medicine Department for two years before deciding to go travelling and coming to Wellington.
Laura joined the CareVets Johnsonville team as Head Veterinary Nurse in June 2017 and assists Rachel in the smooth running and management of the clinic. Laura has a particular interest in the management of on-going medical conditions and assists our Veterinary Surgeons with on-going patient monitoring.
In her spare time, she can be found socialising with friends and exploring the rest of the country.