CareVets Microchip and National Registration Campaign

Following on from several major events across the country such as earthquakes and floods, we’ve received amazing feedback on animals that were microchipped being easily identified and returned to their owners.

CareVets wants to ensure as many cats and dogs are micro-chipped now, so let’s ensure we are prepared.

We are offering a great deal for August and September, microchipping, and life long registration on the National New Zealand Companion animal register for only $39!

The register that can be accessed by vets, SPCAs and councils throughout New Zealand.

We are also offering a free microchip check (must book with a nurse) if your animal is micro chipped and it hasn’t been checked for some time we offer a free check.

Did you know that during the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes the SPCA and NZCAR managed to get 25% of non chipped animals home within 2-3 days. However they managed to get 85% of microchipped pets home in an average of 1-2 hours!!!