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Veterinary Nurse Aimee Smith with the CareVets Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic »

Free health checks and desexing operations be available to the feline residents of Melville, from June 20th 2011. The initiative, aimed at clearing up the “silent epidemic” of sick cats and kittens overpopulating the suburb, came to fruition after a meeting of Carevets, Waikato SPCA and Melville Community House.

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Hill’s® Prescription Diet® j/d »

Hill’s® Prescription Diet® j/d is an innovative food that helps ease aching joints and improves quality of life in as little as 28 days. Hill’s® Prescription Diet® j/d unique formula contains high levels of EPA (Eicosapentanoic Acid), an omega-3 fatty acid found in high concentrations in fish oil. Research has shown that EPA can help […]

Terms of Sale »

Terms of Sale Carevets Limited (“Carevets”) contracts to sell and supply Products on these standard terms and conditions (“the terms”) only. By placing or confirming an order with Carevets, the Customer accepts the terms. Anything to the contrary in the Customer’s enquiries, orders or confirmations will not apply. Orders cannot be cancelled The Customer may […]

Mem »

Mem has ruled the clinic since she arrived as a new mum with a kitten in 2003. She nursed several other litters of abandoned kittens and was adopted as a clinic cat. Mem is the sensible one, but is more aloof than “Snuffles” and keeps her human subjects on their toes. You should feel very […]

Snuffles »

SADLY, OUR DEAR SNUFFLES PASSED AWAY ON MAY 15TH 2014, A WEEK AFTER HER 10TH BIRTHDAY. SHE WILL BE TERRIBLY MISSED BY STAFF AND CLIENTS ALIKE. REST NOW SNUFFS. Snuffles has been a staff member at CareVets Mt Wellington since May 2004. Her hilarious antics keep us entertained and bring a smile to the faces […]

Dr George Tharakan, BVSc and AH »

Hi I am George.  I am one of our veterinarians and graduated from university in 1979 in India. I worked from 1979 to 1995 in mixed animal practices which involved reproductive services, surgery and medicine for cattle,buffalo,goats,pigs and elephants. I was actively involved in the Tiger Project Sanctuary for many years. My family and I migrated to New Zealand in 1996 […]

Dr Joan Hessell, BVSc »

Hi Im Joan. I am one of our veterinarians and have worked at CareVets Mt Wellington since June 2007. I graduated from Massey University in 1987 and have a passion for surgery and diagnostics.  I relish the challenge of diagnosing your pets medical problems and finding the best treatments. I am an avid horse rider and live on […]

Melissa Poole »

Hi I’m Melissa. I have worked as a cattery staff member since 1995 and am profoundly deaf. I lavish care and attention on your cats while they are on holiday with us. I love all animals and our family have 2 cats. A Maine Coon and an Australian Bombay. I often like to attend cat […]

Erin Molloy »

Hi, my name is Erin and I am the manager at CareVets Te Atatu. I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2006 while working at CareVets Mt Wellington and since then have worked at clinics around Auckland. I enjoy learning about all aspects of veterinary nursing, particularly pain management and anaesthesia and have a passion […]

Tracey Ford »

  Hi Im Tracey and I am the practice manager at CareVets Mt Wellington. I am also a qualified vet nurse. I started my career in 1994 at our Te Atatu branch and relocated to Carevets Mt Wellington in 2002. I am always happy to offer assistance and advise and will ensure your visit to the clinic is as stress free […]