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Caroline »

Caroline is our longest standing member of the team having worked at Care Vets Johnsonville since April 2008. Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge about all companion animals to the team and has a particular passion for aquatic, avian and reptile species and their care. Having being brought up with animals all her life, she […]

Rosie »

Hi I’m Rosie. I’m one of the vet nurses that work at the Johnsonville branch.  I’ve been working here since 2008. I have a monster kitten called TK who was brought to CareVets at 2 weeks old and hand raised. I also have a bichon frise called Casper.

Dr Amanda Luckie »

Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Luckie. I have been working at CareVets since 2007. I have an interest in surgery and two lovely cats at home.

Petra »

Hi my name is Petra. I have been working at CareVets since February 2012. I am currently working towards my Vet Nursing Qualification. I am lucky to be working at CareVets as I learn and gain experience with animals every day. I have chosen this career path as I have a passion for working with […]

Brownie »

Brownie is Zeinas little helper. Always barking and playing with Zeina and the CareVets team. He loves going for walks with his mum Asuka and riding in cars.

Dr Thomas Wanden BVSc »

Hi Im Dr Thomas Wanden. I graduated from Massey University Palmerston North in 2008 and have been in companion animal practice since. I have started a masters of veterinary medicine of which I am 2/3 of the way through. I have an interest in ophthalmology and clinical pathology. I have always had cats at home […]

Dr Taryn van Meygaarden, BVSc »

Hi! I’m Taryn and I’m a part time vet at Carevets Rototuna.   I graduated in 2003 from Massey University, Palmerston North. I have worked in small animal practice in Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland and the UK before returning to Hamilton (where I grew up) to work for Carevets in 2007.   I love general veterinary […]

Dr Jenni Adamovsky BVSc. »

Hello I am Jenni Adamovsky, the senior veterinarian at Rototuna Carevets. I am a graduate of Massey University NZ and completed my degree in 1998.  Following on from a few years of dairy and mixed practice work in New Zealand I spent two years in the UK working in small animal veterinary practice. I returned […]

Courtney Appleton »

Hello, I joined the CareVets Rototuna family in 2012 as a Veterinary Nurse and since then have watched our clinic grow and develop and am now tackling the role of Clinic Manager, which brings another set of challenges! I am happily married to my partner of 10 years and we enjoy fostering every year and […]

Yvonne Rowland »

Hi Im Yvonne Rowland and I am a qualified Dog Groomer and have been at CareVets Chartwell for 14 years.  My interests are my family and my much loved dogs.

Janet Smith »

Hi Im Janet Smith. I am a receptionist at CareVets Chartwell. I have been employed by CareVets Chartwell since 2007, firstly as kennel room attendant and then as a receptionist. I have a border collie called Tempo that I enter in agility competitions.

Dr Barbara Cater BVSc BTech »

  Dr Barbara Cater BVSc., BTech has been with CareVets since 2005.  She completed the Bachelor of Animal Technology in 1999 and the Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2004. Barbara is pursuing further study in the areas of cardiology and radiology. She enjoys travelling and has recently been to India.

Sarah Ellesmere »

  Sarah joined Chartwell Veterinary Clinic (now CareVets Chartwell) back in 2003 after completing the National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing with Merit (top student in class).  She gained the Diploma in Veterinary Nursing via distance education with Otago Polytechnic.  She also holds an advanced certificate in Sport Horse Studies and is currently a member and […]

Monique Loye »

Hi Im Monique Loye and I am the head Veterinary Nurse at CareVets Chartwell. I graduated in 2011 with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. I have also completed my Certificate in Veterinary Nursing and have been working at CareVets since 2009.

Dr Ivan Aleksic »

Hi Im Dr Ivan Aleksic BVSc.,MACVSc. (small animal medicine). I am a Partner/Veterinarian at CareVets Chartwell. I came to New Zealand from Serbia in 1996 with my wife Gordana.  We have since had 2 children. I continued my special interest in Small Animal Medicine by completing  a Membership[ examination in the field of Dog and […]

Quinn – Tetanus In A 4 Month Old Puppy »

Quinn, a 4 month old Border collie crossbreed male came to CareVets Napier for his vaccination boosters. Upon questioning by the vet, Quinn’s owners stated that he did not seem right for several days.

The CareVets Super Slimmers Club »

Obesity is a very common problem in our pets. The health risks to overweight animals are serious and pet owners should be aware of them.