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Seleo »

This is Sealo and he is one of our resident cats.  He came in as a new born kitten and after being successfully hand reared was put up for adoption.  We don’t know why but he didn’t get adopted but we decided to keep him as another one of our clinic cats. As you can see […]

Natalie Miller »

Nat has been a veterinary nurse at CareVets Hamilton South for the past year and a half. She has a special interest in dog behavior and currently co-directs the puppy preschools offered by our Rototuna and Hamilton South branches. She lives with her partner, two German Shepherds and a cat in Hamilton. She loves the hands on […]

Aiden Horner »

Hello, my name is Aiden.  I graduated with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 2015 and have been part of the CareVets team since May 2016. I have a special interest in radiology, anesthesia and analgesics. I have a dog named Dinky, who is a three legged Beagle. When I am not working at CareVets Glen […]

Naruia Pua-Tipokoroa »

  My name is Naruia and I have been a part of the CareVets team for over three years as a veterinary nurse. In clinic I enjoy meeting the various pets that come through our doors as well as assisting in surgeries and monitoring anaesthetics. Outside of work I spend most of my time with […]

Dr Petra Kordel BVSc »

Hi, my name is Petra. I grew up in Hannover, Northern Germany where I also studied and graduated as a veterinarian. I spent nearly 10 years with my Kiwi partner in the U.K. working as a small animal veterinarian before moving to Auckland 11 years ago. We live locally with our 7 year old boy. […]

Bertie »

This is Bertie and he is Berend’s  Lutino Ringneck. He visits the clinic when Berend is working and can be found brightening up the waiting room. He loves chatting to his mirror and letting out a loud screech when all is quiet giving everyone quite a scare!!

Nero »

This is Nero and he is head of security at CareVets Glen Eden.  At 75kg he is the real deal !! He loves  to play tug and his favourite trick is spreading drool all over everyone’s uniforms. He is also our resident blood donor and lives with Zeina, Piper and Amanda.

Elspeth Malloch »

Hi I’m Elspeth, I gained my vet nursing qualification at Unitec and started working at the Parnell clinic in 2005. I live with my husband, our 2 children, our tabby cat “George”and Hungarian vizsla “Holly”. Since the pets in my family are very important family members, I understand how important the care of your pet […]

Rhiannon Prasad »

Bula! My name is Rhi and I’m the Clinic Manager and Administrator for CareVets Takanini. Being with CareVets for several years now has been a very rewarding experience and has opened my eyes to the fantastic world of animal care. Starting with a bit of a vet nurse background, I decided to pursue Administration/Management half […]