The CareVets Foundation has been set up by the directors of CareVets as we saw a need for a community welfare support for Animals in New Zealand. We saw problems with existing welfare organisations where sometimes only 30% of donated money was channelled into animal welfare.

The CareVets Foundation uses 100% of your money towards the welfare of animals, not lost into fundraising and administration costs. The costs of administration are covered by CareVets veterinary clinics so we can give you a 100% guarantee that any money you donate goes into the welfare of animals within New Zealand.

Donations can be tax deductible for you, we provide a receipt that can be registered against your earnings. With this process you can receive up to 38% of your donation back via a tax credit.

The CareVets Trust is registered for tax free status and has been registered with the Charities Commission since February 2012, registration number CC47722

Donations can be made in a variety of ways:



  • Leave a legacy of welfare. Leave $500-5 million in your Will. Imagine 100% of your bequeathed money going to animal care and the good you could do! Please contact your lawyer for details.

Projects so far undertaken by the Foundation

  • Free desexing days for people on low incomes. Cat neutering projects have been undertaken over the country to reduce the wild and unwanted kitten populations
  • Desexing of wild cat populations and release. These animals can carry on in their wild environment without adding to the population
  • Education of children on dog bite prevention
  • Grants to support other desexing campaigns

Help us to help those in need

We will ensure that the money goes back into your community directly by regionalisation of donations. CareVets Clinics are country wide so we have the ability to instigate projects in many communities over New Zealand.

If you have an animal welfare issue or project that you think we should look at please contact us via the contact us on the CareVets website

100% Donation goes into 100% Care.