CareVets Cattery

CareVets offer boarding for Cats at a number of their branches.

A CareVets Cattery gives you piece of mind that you beloved Cat is receiving the best possible care and attention whilst you are on your holidays.

CareVets catterys are staffed by professional and experienced people with a passion for animals with the added benefit of having a Veterinarian on hand if required.

To enquire about booking your Cat into a CareVets Cattery simply complete the form below.

Submitting the form does not represent a confirmed booking, you should always make sure that the branch has confirmed your booking either by email or by calling the branch direct if you have not received confirmation.


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    NB: During the Christmas and New Year Holidays Season our Cattery’s get very busy and the limited spaces available can be taken quickly, the Clinic will contact you to advise if there is any free space during the dates you have selected.

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