Obesity is a very common problem in our pets. The health risks to overweight animals are serious and pet owners should be aware of them.

The CareVets Super Slimmers Club

You are literally killing your pet with kindness. Not only can obesity result in diabetes and liver disease, but if an animal is carrying extra weight around, it can result in damage to bones, joints and ligaments.

Pets can develop serious joint complications and arthritis causes pain, stiffness and a reluctance to move. Your pet’s ability to play may be severely compromised.

In overweight animals, the lungs cannot function as they should. The additional fat in the chest restricts lung expansion and your pet may become exercise intolerant and suffer from severe breathing problems. Overweight animals tend to have increased blood pressure because the heart has an increased work load.

This could ultimately result in heart failure. The risk of developing skin disease is also increased in overweight animals. Reproductive problems are common, as is a lower immune resistance to infectious diseases. Studies have actually shown that overweight animals die at a younger age than those maintained at an ideal weight.

The best way to prevent obesity in your pet is to avoid overfeeding.

Although we appreciate this is easier said than done. Control calorie intake and maintain a regular daily exercise programme.

Our Super Slimmers Club can help target ideal weight loss goals and help increase your pet’s quality of life and longevity.