Care of your pets bandage is very important.

Please check the bandage at least twice every day and if any of the following signs are noticed, or you are in any way concerned, please contact a veterinarian:

  • Check the toes of the affected leg twice a day for any swelling, heat, coldness or pain.
  • Examine and feel around the edges of the bandage twice a day, checking for any pain, irritation, cutting or abrasion of the skin.
  • Check for any foul odour or discharge leaking through the bandage twice daily. If these are noticed, contact the vet clinic within 12 hours.
  • Ensure that your pet is not able to lick or chew the bandage.
  • If your pet becomes depressed, painful or grumpy, this could be a sign that the bandage is painful and needs to be checked immediately.
  • If you notice the bandage is slipping or becoming loose it is important to have it checked by a veterinarian immediately.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the bandage is checked regularly by both you and a veterinarian. Serious complications can occur, such as skin wounds, blood poisoning, and even permanent lameness. If you are at all concerned or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.