1. 1 voucher per region (upper North Island, Lower North Island, South Island) for a normal vasectomy of a human from a reputable doctor. The male must be a willing participant and of legal consenting age.

2. CareVets will pay up to $400.00 direct to the doctor performing the vasectomy, any costs past this are at the winner’s expense, and this is not transferable for Cash or Credit.

3. CareVets shall be under no liability whatsoever to the customer or the male who receives or is to receive the vasectomy or any direct or indirect loss of expense suffered by the customer or male arising out of this promotion scheme or the vasectomy process, including a defect in or caused by the vasectomy service.

4. The voucher expires July 27th 2012, after this date CareVets and its associated companies, are released from all obligations after this date.