COVID-19 Level 2 Update

New Zealand is now in Alert Level 2.  What does this mean for you, your pets and your ability to visit the vet?  As an essential service, all CareVets clinics have been open under Alert Level 3 & 4, however, have operated on a closed-door policy.  Under Alert Level 2 we are starting to look a little more “normal” while we play it safe – here’s what that means:


Visiting Us

Visiting your CareVets clinic during Alert Level 3 & 4 has not been the same.  We have been operating under a closed-door policy to help keep both our staff and you as safe as possible.  Now that we have moved back to Alert Level 2 we have moved back to an open clinic environment once again.  This does mean that you may visit the clinic for your retail purchases, however for appointments we ask that you continue to call us ahead of time so we can ensure we don’t have unnecessary overlap occurring within our clinic.

Please – if you are at all unwell do not come to the clinic.  Have someone else bring your pet in to see us.


Play it Safe

Alert Level 2 is the level where we play it safe.  We are open for you to once again enter our clinic, browse our retail areas and purchase across the counter.

  • We will continue to ensure physical distancing between individuals, so if staff ask you to wait outside before entering as there are too many people inside please follow their instructions.
  • We ask that, where possible, just one person comes in with your pet so that we are better able to ensure physical distancing and lower the number of potential contacts.
  • We will be ensuring we are able to contact trace if need be, so everyone who enters the clinic will have to provide their contact details for this purpose.
  • We will be providing sanitiser stations in all of our clinics either near the counter or entrance ways – please ensure you utilise these.
  • All high contact areas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected regularly for the safety of yourselves and our staff.


Thank You

Thank you all so much for your understanding and patience throughout Alert Level 3 & 4.  This has been a trying time for all of us.  We are glad to have been able to help New Zealand’s pets through all of this.

Our teams are experiencing high demand at the moment as they catch up on all the non-essential and routine care that was not provided under Alert Level 4.  If we don’t get to the phone the first time, do give us a moment and try again or of course flick us an email.

Once again, thank you for your own efforts in helping us and all other New Zealanders prevent the spread of COVID-19 – we’re almost there.  Be careful, be kind and be safe!

If you have any queries regarding your pets or our services during this time, please get in touch with your local CareVets clinic.

Yours faithfully
Nick Cooper, CEO


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