Pets make life better


Unfortunately sometimes pets get lost or stolen, which can be a very upsetting experience. At CareVets we highly recommend microchipping – not just for dogs where there is a legal requirement for most, but other pets too – as an effective and safe way to increase the chance of your pet making it back home to your family.

Microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice and are inserted underneath the skin. Each microchip has a unique identification number that allows the pet to be tracked back to you with the aid of a scanner and the NZCAR (New Zealand Companion Animal Register) – a national database holding your contact details. When you have your pet microchipped it is important to ensure your details are registered not only on the vet’s database, but also the NZCAR national database. All shelters and veterinary clinics have microchip scanners and are able to identify an owned pet by checking with NZCAR. If your details are kept current, it is possible to get in contact with you and let you know where your loved pet has been found.

We can microchip your pet during a general health check consultation, during a specific appointment or when they come in for any kind of surgery. The procedure to insert the microchip is quick and simple, using a needle similar to that of a routine vaccination injection.

If your pet is microchipped already and you would like to check or update your details you can contact the NZCAR at or on 0508 LOSTPET (567 873).