Pets make life better


Like us, regular grooming helps keep our pet’s skin barrier healthy and clean. While we are pretty good at looking after our own grooming, our pet’s sometimes need a little help. That is where pet grooming comes in.

Our groomers can help to spruce up your pet and keep a healthy coat and skin barrier. An improved appearance and smell also help! No matter what breed you have, regular grooming is recommended for a healthy pet care routine. Some of this can be done at home, such as daily brushing and regular bathing, but you may prefer a professional pet groomer to handle some of the more difficult or skilled tasks such as clipping, nail and ear maintenance, or even anal gland expression if necessary. As our groomers see pets all day up close, they may also be able to notice if there is something that requires medical attention or to keep an eye on.

Sometimes these regular grooming habits get away from us and in cases such as matting, our groomers can help get your pet back to their best state. If there is severe matting your pet may require a general anaesthetic in our clinic to be able to remove the matts. If you are concerned at all about your pet’s coat, please talk to our team.

Please note that not all our clinics offer general pet grooming services, please call your local team and they will be able to advise.