Pets make life better


We recommend desexing for many different reasons. There are health concerns which can be lessened or prevented by having your pet desexed, including mammary and testicular cancers, uterine infections which can be fatal without quick treatment, prostate diseases and more. There are behaviour concerns which can be lessened such as wandering, aggression and fighting, mounting behaviours, hormonal heat cycles and more. And of course, desexing your pet helps prevent pregnancies and adding to the over-population of unwanted kittens and puppies in New Zealand.

For male pets, neutering is a simple low-risk procedure performed under general anaesthetic which involves a day in the clinic followed by rest at home.

For female pets, speying is a more involved procedure but still low-risk and relatively routine. Your pet will spend the day in the clinic followed by rest at home.

All desexing procedures are performed in our modern theatres using state of the art technology. All of our surgical patients require a full examination and ideally blood tests, and will receive pain control.

During the procedure your pet will be carefully monitored for their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and oxygen levels. Our team will be there when they wake up afterwards and look after them until they are ready to go home with you.