Pets make life better

CareVets Foundation

We set up the CareVets Foundation to provide for the welfare of animals in New Zealand.  Some of the projects the foundation has undertaken include:

  • Works alongside local councils and animal charities to offer free or discounted desexing days for low income families
  • Cat neutering (& release) of wild cats across the country to reduce wild and unwanted populations
  • Dog bite prevention education for children
  • Grants to support other desexing campaigns

The CareVets Foundation is a registered charity (CC47722) and has been since 2012, which means that donations are tax deductible.  We ensure that 100% of your donations go directly towards animal welfare and aim to reflect this in your local community by splitting regional donations.  As our clinics cover a large area of the country we are able to instigate projects across many communities in New Zealand.

If you have a question for us or an animal welfare issue or project that you would like the CareVets Foundation to consider please contact us.

100% donation goes to 100% care.